How Smart Are Rottweilers?

The second-most dangerous dog breed in the world is the Rottweiler, but here's something they don't tell you. Rottweilers are naturally cool, quiet, and protective.

Other than that, rottweilers are smarter than people think! These little ones will behave like babies around you while being the fierce guardians of your home.

Rottweilers make wonderful dogs for an experienced dog parent other than being greatly considered as guide and therapy dogs.

For the right family, a Rottweiler will definitely ensure that you will never feel and be lonely.


The Rottweilers' Origins

Did you know that Rottweilers were the original "drovers"?

This means that their responsibility was to safeguard cattle and other animals. The Rottweiler can keep up with shepherds and sheepdogs in the field.

Though, nowadays, they participate in herding events.

One of the oldest canine breeds, Rottweilers have their roots in Rottweil, Germany, and date back to the second century.

It is thought that Rottweilers were used as herding and driving dogs at the height of the Roman Empire.

From the Molossus, a dog resembling a mastiff came the Rottweiler.

Their forefathers drove the cattle that kept the Roman army alive as they conquered the world and marched to Germany.

The large dogs who accompanied the army crossed the country, which led them to mate with local canines, creating new breeds in the process.

One of the most recognized breeds today is the Rottweiler, and with its roots that date back to the Roman era, the Rottweiler has one of the most extensive histories.

These canines are also very bright and quick to pick up complex abilities. However, they also have health issues that might limit their skills along with their high level of intellect.


The Misconception Of Rottweilers

There are many misconceptions about Rottweilers, making people afraid of them. It's a common myth that Rottweilers are difficult to train, aggressive dogs, and dangerous with children.

This is completely untrue. Rottweilers are considered to be one of the top 10 most intelligent dog breeds as these dog breeds are quick to learn and pick up new commands.

Even though Rottweilers are known to be smart dogs, some people still think otherwise.

The reason why people think they are not smart is that they have a little bit of stubbornness in their nature.

Despite that, Rottweilers actually have great self-control and they are often used as working and service dogs because of their high intelligence levels and trainability.

As with any dog breed, the stereotype of Rottweilers as aggressive and unpredictable is one that some people cling to.

In actuality, the Rottweiler is a loyal, amiable, and loving canine. This supports debunking another myth that they are harmful to children.

Rottweilers are family-oriented and devoted to their owners' families. They make wonderful family pets as they have a gentle demeanor, making them ideal for families with children.


What Are The Different Aspects Of Intelligence?

According to studies, dogs exhibit various intelligence-related traits.

They can read and respond correctly to human body language like gesturing and pointing, as well as understand human speech orders, thanks to their exceptional memory abilities.

There are three categories of dog intelligence: adaptive, instinctive, and obedience. So, what are these exactly?



How successfully a dog picks up information from and adjusts to its surroundings is measured by its adaptive intelligence.

This kind of intelligence excels in problem-solving and social skills.

Dogs with high adaptive intelligence are good at reading facial expressions, and much like people, canines may develop their mental capacity.

Dogs are often highly adaptable animals who thrive in social environments.

Since canines have been raised for generations to interact with people, it only makes sense that the majority of our canine companions are hardwired to become friendly.



Most dogs have been bred at a certain period to carry out a certain function.

Dogs have performed a variety of jobs throughout history, including relocating things, chasing prey, herding animals, and protecting homes.

These innate abilities specific to each breed signify a kind of intelligence called instinctive intelligence.

Although all dogs possess some innate intellect, it cannot be compared across breeds.

Because Labrador Retrievers, for example, were not intended to be experts in this capacity as their sense of smell shouldn't be compared to that of a Bloodhound.



One of the most important forms of intelligence a dog may have is obedience intelligence, which assesses a dog’s capacity to learn from people and carry out training and tasks properly.

Stanley Coren also discovered that dogs who have acquired obedience intelligence are able to grasp simple language, with a typical dog having the capacity to acquire around 165 words.

Though certain breeds of dogs are easier to train than others, any dog may develop this talent with dedication and persistence.

They may refine their skills for this kind of intelligence by working on fundamental obedience training with you or progressing to more difficult dog training tricks.


How To Train Your Rottweiler

As was previously mentioned, Rottweilers are a breed of very intelligent dogs that, in general, are eager to please and willing to learn new things.

Getting the most out of them will need early socialization and teaching them proper behavior. So, how do you train them?

A strong foundation built on appropriate leadership is the basis of all excellent dog training.

Building a relationship involves having a dog-to-owner relationship in order to teach them obedience, and socializing, as these are all parts of the training.
Training dogs at a young age is strongly advised and is preferable.

A Rottweiler puppy may start learning formal obedience at 7 weeks old. It's also crucial to be patient with them since they won't have the same attention span as an adult Rottweiler.


Some Interesting Facts About Rottweilers

In addition to being intelligent, Rottweilers have many other qualities that most dog enthusiasts and owners may not be aware of.

Here are some interesting facts about Rottweilers that you should know:

  • They make great police dogs. They use these canines in the field of police work since they were known to be psychologically and physically capable.
  • They are strong! These aren't only the kind of dogs who go around looking for stuff; they also go around to defend their masters and catch criminals.
  • They are not frightened animals. By nature, they are nearly fearless. Rottweilers often have little to no fear, even as pups.
  • They usually live up to 11 years.
  • They can weigh over 100 pounds.
  • Their undercoat is water resistant. Rottweilers have two coats. They have a waterproof undercoat in addition to the visible outer coat, which is their hair.
  • They are usually calm. Most circumstances don't cause them to get very excited or energized, nor do they often bark excessively. Even when challenged with situations they don't completely understand, these dogs have a tendency to remain calm.

What Other Dogs Are Intelligent?

Like human intelligence, canine intelligence takes many different forms.

There are set facts when it comes to your pet's fundamental features, even though owners who are prepared to put in the time and effort may bring out the best in any breed.

A dog is more likely to be fast on its feet, eager to work, move, and even please you if it was bred to hunt, herd, or retrieve. Here’s a short list of intelligent dog breeds:

Although certain breeds are more agile than others, trainers claim that any dog can learn fundamental commands like sitting and staying.

They could just take longer to understand it. Knowing what your dog is made for and how to inspire them are the keys to motivating them.

The most intelligent canines, however, aren't always the finest pets, so keep that in mind.

Finding a breed that fits your lifestyle and concentrating on bringing out the best in your dog are your responsibilities.



A well-mannered Rottweiler dog exudes confidence and calmness.

A Rottweiler could be hesitant to make friends and instead stand back and analyze the situation, in contrast to a Golden Retriever who is always happy to welcome people into your house.

For their family, they are instantly prepared to play and defend. Your Rottweiler may want to cram as much of itself into your lap as it can, despite their size.

This protective and extremely clever dog requires a strong, experienced family of dog owners. As a result, they are unlikely to be suggested for first-time dog owners.

However, since they like to make their favorite human their family rather than another dog or a cat, Rottweilers perform best in households where they are the only pet.

Rottweilers may make excellent family dogs as long as they are properly socialized and well-trained. Check Out These 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs!