The German Doodle: A Complete Owner's Guide

The German Doodle: A Complete Owner's Guide

The German Doodle: A Complete Owner's Guide

German Poodle puppy looking at camera

The popular German doodle known as the Shepadoodle is a cross between a German Shephard and a Poodle Mix. Although the dispositions of a Poodle and a German Shepherd are quite unlike, they combine to create an excellent doodle dog.

Despite the fact that these dog breeds are growing in popularity as puppies and are so distinct from one another, hybrid dogs like German doodles are loving, companion dogs that are perfect for families.

Shepadoodles don't come in a standard shape or size. The German shepherd and standard poodle hybrid, like other mixed breed dogs, acquires characteristics from both parent breeds, therefore the dogs might vary in size, weight, appearance, and temperament.

Let’s dive into this dog breed and their nature as hybrid dogs and breeders.


History of The German Doodle

The German Doodle is also known as Shepapoo, Shepdoodle, and Sheepadoodle. Although it was first developed as a working dog, owing to its friendliness, it quickly gained popularity as a household, family dog.

German Doodle has a long history that stretches back to the 1960s. They were developed to support the US Army's military police.

These large dogs are a big help to the military police because of their boldness and lively personality.

 Small German poodle puppy

The German Shepherd

Germany had a wide variety of herding dogs in the 1800s that differed from area to region. The early progenitor of the German Shepherd was developed by a German commander who dedicated his life to creating the ultimate herding dog by fusing several strains of German dogs.

The next 35 years of Max von Stephanitz's life were devoted to breeding, developing, and popularizing the German Shepherd dog breeds.

It's difficult to recall that the breed was once intended to be a herder given how widely distributed it is now. These canines are now associated with military and law enforcement work.

They are well-liked as watchdogs, guard dogs, and police dogs because of their speed, stealth, agility, and intelligence, which assist to defend communities.


The Standard Poodle

Despite being often linked to France, the Poodle really began life over 400 years ago as a German duck hunter.

To recover ducks, the dogs would splash in the water, which is known as "pudelin" in German. The Poodle makes a great retriever because of its high intellect, natural swimming abilities, and curly, waterproof coat.

These dogs come in a variety of breeds, such as Labradoodles, bernedoodles, toy poodles, and Goldendoodles, which are a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever.

Owing to its thick coat, the poodle initially appeared in Germany and quickly gained popularity. They are very clever canines. They vary in size and have many diverse colors.

Today, they are popular as designer dogs and they are the most often registered dog with the American Kennel Club because they are hypoallergenic, making them great companion dogs for dog owners who are allergic to furry dogs.

German Doodle Behaviors


Despite their great differences in appearance, German shepherds and poodles have several features in common. These dogs are praised for their intellect, athleticism, trainability, and demand for mental stimulation since they were designed as working dogs.

Shepadoodles are great companions for experienced dog owners. German Doodles need an owner who can keep them occupied and engaged because of their high energy levels and exercise requirements, which prevents their smart minds from being bored.

Those who lead busy lives, make excellent pets. To prevent the development of negative habits, they need a significant amount of stimulation by having playtimes and frequent socialization with both people and other canines.


German Doodle Appearance

Black and white small puppy

Shepadoodles are big dogs, much like German shepherds and normal poodles. Shepadoodles are a mixed breed, hence their size ranges from 60 to 90 pounds and their height ranges from 22 to 28 inches at maturity.

Depending on which parent they resemble more than the other, these puppies might have very distinct looks.

There are many sizes of German doodles. They may be seen in a variety of colors, including tricolor variations, and have medium-length curly coats.

Depending on whose purebred parent the German Shepherd Poodle mix takes the most after, they will all have different appearances.

Studying the physical traits of your Shepadoodle's parent breeds can help you make the most accurate predictions regarding how it will seem.



Major concerns arise when owning a dog, particularly in regard to a dog's health problems and lifespan.

German doodles may be at risk for a number of health issues, including hip dysplasia, diabetes, hemophilia, degenerative myelopathy, and many more. The good news is that german doodles may live for 12 to 14 years.

The owners of these dogs should be able to properly train and exercise them, and the canines will perform best in houses with large, fenced-in yards.

If you're seeking intelligent dogs that are also energetic, and have an outstanding crossbreed, The German Shepherd Poodle mix dogs might be the ideal choice for you as these dogs make great family pets!

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